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Ad networks for link sales .

Advertising networks are probably the most cost effective way to sell text link ads. However, there are many risks involved in selling through ad networks. A major risk to this monetization method is from powerful greedy people who want the webmaster to sell his or her business to them for a pittance. They will abuse their powers to spread false rumours that the business is illegal, when there is no problem with the business.

Most advertising networks will pay webmasters once a month, though a few allow webmasters to withdraw funds once the balance reaches a certain value.

Though there are a large number of text link ad networks like Backlinks, Linkadage, Intellilinks, Magenet, Backlinks4u for the last few months, the percentage of sales has greatly decreased. For about 50% of the websites, no link ad is sold, indicating a significant decrease in demand for text links

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