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Ad networks for link sales .

Advertising networks are probably the most cost effective way to sell text link ads. However, there are many risks involved in selling through ad networks. A major risk to this monetization method is from powerful greedy people who want the webmaster to sell his or her business to them for a pittance. They will abuse their powers to spread false rumours that the business is illegal, when there is no problem with the business.

Most advertising networks will pay webmasters once a month, though a few allow webmasters to withdraw funds once the balance reaches a certain value.

Though there are a large number of text link ad networks like Backlinks, Linkadage, Intellilinks, Magenet, Backlinks4u for the last few months, the percentage of sales has greatly decreased. For about 50% of the websites, no link ad is sold, indicating a significant decrease in demand for text links. In 2020, with the stolen trade secrets, memory of link sellers, like the domain investor, google has managed to shut down most of the text link ad networks, and the domains do not even cover the renewal expenses in most cases.

Additionally the domain investor cannot sell the text links directly since the shivalli brahmin officials are stealing all the leads, orders in a bribery deal, so that top tech companies, allegedly google, tata, make fake claims about their lazy greedy relative nayanshree, only cooking, cleaning for her crooked husband, guruprasad, in a top secret barter deal

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